A Tip For A Rainy Day

Despite having enormous gratitude for my warm house, food and water, and the knowledge that my loved ones are safe, I’m feeling a bit weighed down by the suffering in the world and by the seemingly continuous rain here. I know I’m not alone in this so I’d like to share a useful resource with you. Recently I learned about the website, Accuweather.com that provides hourly forecasts when I will have a window of time, where I am, during the day to get outside for some exercise and even precious sunshine. Walking at a sustained speed and incline high enough to raise your heart rate and deepen your breathing for at least 30 minutes will release those “feelgood” brain chemicals, endorphins, that makes us feel euphoria, less pain, and counters the negative effects of stress on the whole being: body, mind, heart/spirit. Sunshine on our skin absorbs precious vitamin D, which also helps lift depression and boosts our immune system. Did you know that massage and other forms of bodywork, acupressure and acupuncture, sex, and meditation all trigger endorphin release? Feel good and be well so you can be your best self in this world. See you outside!

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