Couples Counseling

Lisa is trained in current attachment research and affective neuroscience: how relationships affect the emotions, brain and nervous system, and how the brain and nervous system relate to emotion and affect relationships.

In her work with couples she helps clients understand the effects of their early attachments on their current relationship and their own nervous systems, so they can see and feel where they get stuck in negative reactive patterns, and find the path to repair and reconnection. And most importantly, she facilitates experiences of new, satisfying, enlivening and soothing ways of being together, of knowing and appreciating one another more deeply, effectively breathing new life into the relationship.

Having a new and different experience and then reflecting upon it aloud helps to lay down new neural pathways, fostering new connections among parts of the brain, which can alter brain chemistry, create good, optimistic and hopeful feelings, and increase the likelihood of future positive relational events.

Clients start to feel relationally competent at helping each other with difficult feelings and repairing rifts and ruptures in their bond. They gain a deep understanding of the idea of fidelity, the commitment to the protection of the relationship’s security and the understanding of the importance of that security to the wellbeing of both.