Individual Psychotherapy

As an AEDP therapist, I have unshakable faith in your innate strengths, capacities and vitality from the moment we begin, even though these strengths may be temporarily blocked from your awareness. As we develop a safe, warm, caring and authentic relationship together where your deepest feelings are safe to be fully expressed, and are met with compassion and understanding, something different can happen: a new felt sense of openness, freedom, and healing transformation. Your unblocked inner resources can lead to a more fulfilled life, with renewed energy, creativity, courage, and compassion.

I use primarily Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) with individual clients, and weave in other trauma processing therapeutic modalities as needed. When it is appropriate, I teach clients valuable skills for self-soothing, de-stressing and calming the nervous system that can be used anytime anywhere.